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Business Set-Up Checklist

Writing book with pencil and succulent

  • Think about your brand, unique offer and who you do & do not want to work for and with

  • Update your professional CV

  • Consider developing a Board/Trustee CV

  • Develop a short generic biography that can be easily adapted to suit different clients

  • Review your skills, learning and development are there any gaps to fill with a short course

  • Fully update your Linked In profile

  • Consider getting a professional headshot photo

  • Collate a comprehensive contact list

  • Learn about and then develop your social media profile

  • Decide if you are going to be a sole trader or limited company (check which is the most acceptable to the industry you are working in)

  • Register with companies house

  • Find an accountant

  • Register with search companies recognised by your industry

  • Consider options for professional indemnity insurance

  • Develop your web site either through a designer or do it yourself and decide how you will keep it updated

  • Check your choice of domain name is available and register your URL

  • Decide on your logo

  • Set up a business bank account some banks offer incentives

  • Work out how much you need to earn & decide on your rates

  • Develop your contract terms and conditions

  • Decide on an invoicing system & download the ap

  • Set aside time every week to keep the paperwork up to date

  • Be prepared to buy/drink lots of coffee and actively network with a business purpose in your current area of work and more broadly in the community

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