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5 Ways to Get Your Voice Heard in Meetings

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

A recent common coaching theme has been how can I be heard in meetings and large groups.

The narrative in our heads can too often be, “I am not a subject expert, others seem so much more knowledgeable and experienced than me, as the new person here my views just don’t hold the same weight and it is so difficult to get a word in.”

5 Practical Tips That May Help

1. Get your voice out there and heard early in the meeting. It is easier to contribute and attract attention again once you have established your presence.

2. How to do this authentically requires some preparation, read the papers for the meeting and have one or two pertinent questions ready (ideally outside of your usual area of expertise). The longer you sit in silence as an observer the harder it seems to be to speak up, time runs on, others dominate the conversation and the chance for you is lost.

3. Set aside time before the meeting to properly prepare. This sounds obvious but how often have you looked around a table to see pristine unopened packs of papers (harder to spot working virtually of course) or hear people making the same old points regardless of the discussion.

4. Be curious and ready to contribute at least one point on every item.

5. When the chair requests a volunteer to feedback or to lead a piece of work

step forward and offer. Out of your comfort zone possibly but a great way of building confidence for you and in you.

Do you have any top tips for getting yourself heard in meetings? if so just pop them in the comments box below

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