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Leadership coaching for optimal success

8 years ago, after a successful high-profile career, Ann took a brave step. She left a very senior national NHS job and set up her company Ann Sutton Consulting. Today Ann is a skilled and valued executive coach with a thriving practice.

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Business Meeting
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Coaching New Directors

Are you finding that the initial euphoria at landing that great new job is starting to fade. Perhaps facing conflicting priorities, questioning whether you really have the skills and experience required, finding it hard to get your voice heard & have the impact required?

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Overcoming a Setback at Work

Perhaps you have a new boss who expects different things from you. You are open to new opportunities but are struggling to see what the organisation needs today. You may have challenges in your team with resistance to change or deadlines being missed.

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Interview Coaching for a New Job

Are you eager to get your first senior job but question if you have the skills they need. Your CV is way out of date & you are struggling to articulate your achievements to get onto that shortlist. The thought of an interview fills you with dread & you are fearful about putting yourself forward.

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Navigating Complex Health & Social Care Systems

To be successful your job requires working across health and social care. You have great knowledge about one but very little about the other. To achieve your goals you need to build exceptional networks and are overwhelmed by the complexity of the system.

How We Support You


"Ann helped me by challenging me to think strategically about where I wanted to be in a few years' time. She then supported me in developing an action plan. I felt very supported by Ann, even at times when she was challenging my thinking. Ann creates a very calm and trusting environment in her coaching sessions, and made me very comfortable sharing my personal views and thoughts with her."

- Sandra


"Ann helped me with her extensive experience, skills and stimulating sessions. The result was I regained my focus and developed a clear direction for my career. It made it possible to achieve results that I had not anticipated."

- Tony


“Ann has helped me to understand and channel how my leadership skills, breadth of experience and intrinsic motivations from working as a senior HR professional enable me to explore a broader and more innovative career path for my future.”

- Sarah



Our Thoughts

Our Specialties


Positively embrace challenges


Gain clarity on what is expected of you


Build confidence & resilience


Develop a high-performing team


Find the right work-life balance


Influence and build effective networks

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